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A music cooperative that provides online spaces
for creating, sharing, and undertanding music.

About Us

MAIA, Inc. was founded in 2015 with the aim of providing interfaces that transform the way users create, share, and understand music.

We Transform Users’ Musical Experiences... incorporating music artificial intelligence algorithms into easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces.

In August 2017, we released an alpha version of our flagship app, Jam!™, which still works in Firefox but not in Chrome right now!

We are a music cooperative, which means that 49% of shares are divided between our users, according to a music contribution algorithm.

Strong ties with academia help us to (a) prioritize the privacy and permanence of data created or shared through MAIA, and (b) apply the scientific method in developing and evaluating the latest music-technological advances for our users.

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Christian Coulon and Tom Collins

Meet the Team

Photo of Christian

Christian Coulon, UI/UX Designer in Chief

Photo of Christian

Tom Collins, Music Informatician in Chief

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Address: Music Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Inc., P.O. Box 73004, Davis, CA 95617, USA