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Music Intelligence Company

Music For All

MAIA is building a music platform for the social web. Our platform and our company are a single music cooperative that is open and fair for all.

MAIA collaborates with music artists, from up-and-coming to Grammy Award winning, to help them negotiate the wonderful world of music artificial intelligence and integrate it into their creative workflows.

MAIA makes experimental music applications, including: Jam!, which is a web-based collaborative audio workstation, with some AI thrown in for good measure; Mob!, which is a phone/tablet-friendly interface for upload of audio to Jam!; and Crunchy!, which is a natural language music editing tool.

Open and fair. As a music cooperative, MAIA divides 49% of shares between its users, according to a music contribution model. What remains is ploughed back into maintaining and nurturing our offering.

For all. We pursue the mantra of "Music for all", meaning that everyone, irrespective of material wealth or background, should have access to high-quality music-creative and educational experiences, which may lead to their intellectual and/or social enrichment. That's why our homepage is! To achieve our aim, we develop free-to-access, web-based music interfaces, underpinned by the latest machine learning technology, and that's why we're called Music Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Inc., or MAIA for short.

Cooperative. There are lots of apps and sites out there where people can make music, and immediately publish and share their musical creations. That's great, but it's a shame that so many sites are commercially motivated and owned, because it tends to mean that the companies – especially their owners – make a lot of money, while those involved in the music-creative process make little or nothing.


Jam! (pre-alpha) Live beat and sonic collaboration.