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Music Intelligence Company

Mission: Music for All

MAIA is building a music platform for the social web. Our platform and our company are a single music cooperative that is open and fair for all.

MAIA collaborates with music artists, from up-and-coming to Grammy Award-winning, to help them negotiate the wonderful world of music artificial intelligence and integrate it into their creative workflows.

MAIA makes experimental music applications, including: Jam!, which is a web-based collaborative audio workstation, with some AI thrown in for good measure; Mob!, which is a phone/tablet-friendly interface for upload of audio; and Crunchy!, which is a natural language music editing tool.

More about our mission here ...

The Coolest Things We Are Doing Right Now

AI Song Contest

Apr 1st, 2020. We entered the AI Song Contest organized by Dutch broadcaster VPRO. You can listen to the song and read more about the project here.

Collaboration with Imogen Heap

In early 2020, we worked with artist, record producer, and technologist Imogen Heap to produce a song using music artificial intelligence. It should be released at some point in 2020, so watch this space!

Pre-alpha release of Jam!

In August 2017, we released a pre-alpha version of our web-based collaborative audio workstation, Jam!™, which works in Firefox but not in Chrome right now.

MAIA Projects


Live beat and sonic collaboration. (pre-alpha)


Social music composition with AI. (coming soon)


Mobile instrument and sampler. (coming soon)


Live music coding language and interface. (coming soon)


Instrument building interface. (coming soon)