Welcome to the API for MAIA GUI!

MAIA GUI is a JavaScript package used by Music Artificial Intelligence Algorithms, Inc. in various applications that we have produced or are developing currently.

The examples folder contains working examples, such as waveform sequencer (relatively simple) and piano_roll+env_sequencer (more complex). For each example, the most important file to study to see how to build interfaces with MAIA GUI is public -> sketch.js.

To run these examples locally,

  1. You will need Node.js installed.
  2. In Terminal or GitBASH, navigate to the directory containing the example (if you run the ls command, one of the files should be server.js)
  3. Execute npm install to obtain the dependencies for your example of choice. (The dependencies are minimal -- just fastify and fastify-static to serve the page and associated resources.)
  4. Execute node server.js from the command line, then point your browser at
  • 0.0.1
  • Tom Collins